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On Friday 9 September to 10 September 2022, The Schwitters' Army Reunion Weekend is a gathering of Veterans of The Schwitters' Army and their friends in Sanquhar, Scotland.

Everyone is welcome!


Schwitters' Army Reunion Weekend
9-10 September 2022,
MERZ Gallery, Sanquhar, Scotland

On Friday, Veterans of Schwitters' Army and their friends will have an informal reception at The Nithsdale Hotel in Sanquhar, Scotland. On Saturday, we will have brunch and then parade through town to MERZ Gallery where we will unveil a blue history plaque installed on the exterior of MERZ Gallery that commemorates Schwitters' Army. After some pomp and circumstance, we will spend the afternoon making collage and visiting the collection, which is in a secure location underneath MERZ Gallery. The collaborative collage, The Ritual, will be available for those who would like to contribute to it. Later that evening, we will return to The Nithsdale Hotel for an informal evening in the pub.



Friday, September 9, 2022

Meet & Greet

7PM at the Nithsdale Hotel Pub

Meet your fellow Veterans of the Schwitters' Army for this informal gathering.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Bruncheon Officiale

10:30AM at the Nithsdale Hotel

Schwitters Army Reunion Breakfast at The Nithsdale Hotel. Brunch is included in the Registration.


11:30AM from the Castle to MERZ Gallery

Marchers will meet at the Townfoot bus stop near the Sanquhar Castle. The bus stop is just past 64-66 Castle Street. From there, we will parade through Sanquhar to MERZ Gallery, route to be announced on the day. MEETING SPOT


Noon at MERZ Gallery

Unveiling of the Schwitters' Army Blue Plaque & Declaration Signing
Upon the parade's arrival at MERZ Gallery, we will have a brief ceremony during which we will unveil the Schwitters' Army Blue Plaque and sign the "Declaration of Attendance." Everyone present is invited to sign. Ric Kasini Kadour, Convenor, Curator, and Representative of Schwitters' Army and David Rushton, Quartermaster of the Schwitters' Army Collection, will make some brief remarks. Christopher Byrne, V.S.A. ex officio, Registrar of Correspondence, Resplendent Extraordinaire, will conduct a commemorative reading of the "Covenant Concerning the Schwitters’ Army Collection of Collage Art." A series of honorific titles will be awarded. Eve & Steve Schaub will present the artwork My Own Best Ghost, which is installed on the exterior wall of MERZ on Queens Road.

Collage Making

12:30-5PM at MERZ Gallery

After the ceremony, attendees will be invited into MERZ Gallery for a repas of collage making. David Rushton will lead visitors to the bunker underneath MERZ to visit the Schwitters' Army Collection. For those interested, the Tolbooth Museum will be open to visitors.

Museum Visit

2-4PM at the Tolbooth

The 18th century Sanquhar Tolbooth is where visitors can learn about Sanquhar’s world famous knitting tradition and the story of the mines and miners of Sanquhar and Kirkconnel. It is also the site of Sanquhar's former jail. Exhibitions explore how ordinary people of Upper Nithsdale lived and worked in times past. The new 2022 exhibition is "151 years of Sanquhar Bowling Club". WEBSITE

Film Screening

7PM, Saturday at MERZ Gallery

Film Screening of Kurt Schwitters - Hannah Höch Movie at MERZ
In 1973, several rolls of film were found in an old suitcase at Kurt Schwitters' former lodgings in Ambleside, Cumbria. Using this find as a basis, David Rushton created an untitled, silent movie about Schwitters (1887-1948) and German Dadaist Hannah Höch (1889-1978).

Pub Night

8PM, Saturday at Nithsdale

Evening at the Nithsdale Hotel Pub


The Schwitters' Army Collection of Collage Art at MERZ Gallery is a permanent collection of international collage art curated by Ric Kasini Kadour in January and February 2020. Kadour writes, "Why? Because this is what we do in the collage community: we engage, we exchange, we manifest with one another. We emerge into a new state of being together. That is what makes art powerful. It connects us and takes us into the future." The Collection is a survey of art by active collage artists in 2020. Artists who contributed artwork to the collection are Veterans of Schwitters' Army. The Collection lives at MERZ in Sanquhar, Scotland and online at the Schwitters' Army Website.


David Rushton Interviews Ric Kasini Kadour in February 2020

If the video does not load, you can watch it HERE.


The Nithsdale Hotel

One High Street, Sanquhar, Scotland [map]

Per Official Declaration, The Nithsdale Hotel is the Official Hotel of The Schwitters’ Army. Located not more than 112 steps from MERZ Gallery, we will have brunch in the hotel's restaurant and the hotel's pub will be the site of our evening gatherings. Book rooms directly from the hotel's website or call +44 1659 50133. Let them know you are a Veteran of Schwitters' Army when you book.

For more places to stay, the Visit South West Scotland website has more information.


Event registration includes Brunch on Saturday, 10 September; a copy of the Schwitters' Army Book (to be shipped after the event); a commemorative print of "Covenant Concerning the Schwitters’ Army Collection of Collage Art"; and a welcome packet with some other goodies. The cost is £50.


About Sanquhar

Sanquhar is a rural Scottish community with a rich agricultural and manufacturing heritage. Located on the River Nith, the area has been an important crossroads going back to Neolithic times and is the site of several prehistoric British forts and a Roman outpost. A 15th-century castle ruin overlooks the town. Mary, Queen of Scots came to Sanquhar in May 1568 after her defeat at the battle of Langside. In the 17th century, Sanquhar was the site of unrest during the Covenanting period when Scottish Presbyterians fought to maintain the Church of Scotland. Agriculture, coal mining, and wool production and related industries such as knitting and carpet making flourished in the 18th century. The town hosts the world’s oldest working post office (established in 1712) and the world’s oldest curling society (formed in 1774). The Church of St Bride’s sanctuary was dedicated to a lost, then found World War I soldier. The village of Crawick on the edge of town had once been known as a haven for witches. The Tolbooth Museum was designed by the influential 18th century Scottish architect William Adam. Sites of Interest include the Tolbooth Museum, Sanquhar Castle, Crawick Multiverse, Old Town Hall, River Nith, Saint Bride’s Church, Sanquhar Declarations Monument, and A’ the Airts (home to Sanquhar Knitting Patterns).

How do I get to Sanquhar?

For those visiting from outside the United Kingdom, we recommend flying to Glasgow. From there, take Scotrail from Glasgow Central to Sanquhar.


For those visiting from inside the United Kingdom, Sanquhar is serviced by Scotrail from Carlisle via Scotrail.

Other Things to Do in Sanquhar

Sanquhar and the Upper Nithsdale offer a variety of activities, including walks, historic buildings, museums and galleries, breweries and distilleries and more. Visit South West Scotland’s webpage has more information.


What is the COVID-19 policy?

COVID-19 is still a public health concern. You can catch it even if you’ve been vaccinated or had it before. In Sanquhar, we will follow all of the local health authority’s standards and guidelines. Please arrive vaccinated. For more information on COVID in Scotland, please review NHS Scotland’s COVID-19 guidance page.

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