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Artist Archive

The Kolaj Institute maintains an archive on collage artists and receive materials such as exhibition announcements, catalogs, and other material generated by the artist's practice and make these materials available to researchers, writers, and curators. The Archive will manifest in a number of ways as a physical and digital archive. Artists may deposit physical and digital documents to the archive by opening a file with the Institute. Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory will become the primary online gateway of the Artist Archive.

Announcements & Opportunities coming soon

09zc15 by Zach Collins

Drama Queen by Susanna Lakner


Residencies are short-term projects that provide an artist or writer dedicated time to complete a project. These result in bodies of work for exhibition or publications that are then supported by Kolaj Institute.

Announcements & Opportunities coming soon

Artist Archive Residency

Kolaj Institute offers an Artist Archive Residency during which the institute and the artist work together to document the artist's biography, practice, and career. The end result is a book and an exhibition plan for a mid-career retrospective.

Artist Archive Residency: Zach Collins, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (Winter 2020) (more)
Artist Archive Residency: Susanna Lakner, Stuttgart, Germany (Spring 2020) (more)

Plane by Enrique "Kike" Congrains

Tadpoles Are Special by Laurie O'Brien


Fellowships are half year-to-year-long projects where curators, writers, or academics take on multifaceted projects that produce exhibitions, programming, or publications.

Latin American Collage: Enrique "Kike" Congrains, January to June 2020

During the fellowship, Lima, Peru-based Enrique “Kike” Congrains will report on collage in Latin America. Taking a country to country view of the region, Congrains will investigate the history of collage, profile contemporary artists, and report on collectives, events, and galleries. Kolaj Institute will work with Congrains to publish a book of his Canson City collages and stories.

Collage in Animation: Laurie O'Brien, June 2020 to June 2021

During her fellowship, Brooklyn and Rochester, New York-based Laurie O'Brien will report on collage in animation and assist Kolaj Institute in the development of an online directory of collage films. O'Brien will curate a program of films that will be available for screening.

Collage by El Club de Collage Quito members Guillermo Segovia and Juliette Jara that are part of the exhibition "Where the Sun Casts No Shadow"(more)

Traveling Exhibitions and Programs

Traveling Exhibitions and Programs are available to art centers, universities, or museums. These can be exhibitions of artwork, speaking engagements, symposiums, film screenings, or workshops.

Symposium: Collage Books (October 2019, available to travel) (more)
Exhibition: Where the Sun Casts No Shadow (November 2019, available to travel) (more)
Kolaj Institute Speakers Bureau (December 2019)
Exhibition: Latin American Collage (June 2020, available to travel)
Collage in Animation Film Screening (June 2020)

Artist Labs

Artist Labs are four-day intensives of workshops and discussions designed to foster the integration of contemporary, civic, or critical thought into an artist’s practice.


Collage Artist Lab
at Tulane University Special Collections

Friday, April 3-Monday, April 6, 2020. Collage Artist Lab is a four-day intensive of workshops and discussions designed to foster the integration of history and contemporary art into a collage artist’s practice. Artists will complete the Lab with a project proposal for an exhibition or a book and a sample work that will be exhibited during the month of July 2020 in the Special Collections Gallery at Tulane University and will be a feature of Kolaj Fest New Orleans. Kolaj Institute will consider proposals for additional support. Deadline: January 5th, 2020. DETAILS


Symposiums are day or multi-day events that investigate contemporary collage and its role in art, culture, and society through artist talks, workshops, discussions, demonstrations, and presentation of academic research.

The Sanquhar Meeting, January 25, 2020 (details)
Kolaj Fest New Orleans, July 8-12, 2020 (more)
Others to be announced in the coming year


Publications are catalogs and books that document and diffuse ideas that deepen our understanding of collage as a medium, a genre, a community, and a 21st century movement.

Current Publications

Revolutionary Paths (more)
Cultural Deconstructions (more)
The Book as a Place of Collage (more)
Where the Sun Casts No Shadow

In Development

Unfamiliar Vegetables (January 2020)
International Directory of Collage Collectives and Society (April 2020)
Letters from Home: International Mail Art (May 2020)
Canson City: Enrique "Kike" Congrains (June 2020)

About Kolaj Institute

The mission of Kolaj Institute is to support artists, curators, and writers who seek to study, document, & disseminate ideas that deepen our understanding of collage as a medium, a genre, a community, and a 21st century movement. We operate a number of initiatives meant to bring together community, investigate critical issues, and raise collage’s standing in the art world.


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